The Importance Of Flooring For Your
Exhibition Stand

Flooring is one of the first parts of your exhibition stand that visitors will see. 

It is an essential part of the stand; being one of the first things your customers will come into contact with.

There are endless options for upgrading your flooring.  A lot of people choose to match their flooring with their brand theme and colours for effective marketing purposes.

However, flooring for exhibition stands doesn't just have to be for show. There are a variety of different flooring materials that can be used to not only look good, but for practical purposes too.

This can include non-slip, non-scratch and waterproof materials like vinyl.

Different flooring can suit different types of businesses; for example, an outdoor garden business may want Artificial Grass to be temporarily laid down for the full out-door effect. However, a bank might want something more professional like modern Vinyl or a subtle Carpet


The picture above shows a stand we recently fitted flooring for.

TD Bank chose our White Stage Vinyl with Light Grey Show Velour Carpet to give a modern, professional-looking finish.


Our expert sales team can give you all the right advice for choosing your flooring to ensure your exhibition stand has the full effect. Our fitters can supply and fit flooring which is easy to install and remove. 

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