Choosing Event / Exhibition Flooring... 

Choosing the right flooring for your exhibition stand build is an extremely important part of planning a successful event. 

You need to take lots of factors in to consideration when planning your exhibition flooring. 

Each little detail of your flooring will take effect on how your visitors are going to perceive your company. Your flooring needs to be attractive for your guests to welcome into the stand and intrigue them in your business. 

For basic stands, a standard plain carpet would be great in order to give the right impressions. Although the carpet may be simple, your colours could be the stand-out factor! 

Why not match the carpet colour to your brand theme for a professional-looking finish?

A lot of companies choose to have their stand on a platform; the stand being a different colour carpet in order to stand out. By clearly defining your stand area, you could draw in the attention of customers who wouldn't usually take an interest in your business / services. 

Things to consider:

  • What type of flooring would work best for your stand?

  • What goes best for the image you are trying to portray? 

  • How long is your stand going to last?

  • Will we need to re-use the carpet for an up-coming exhibition in the future? 

  • Does it need to match your business, or does it need to meet safety regulations (e.g. non-slip) 

  • Will this flooring stand out for your business? 

There are many different ranges of flooring you can choose from. This can be decided based on the bullet points above. 

If the flooring is for permanant use rather than temporary, your main consideration is likely to be a long-lasting flooring. Exhibition stands are more likely to go for temporary flooring installation, however it still needs to look good and do the job! 



From smooth finish to deep pile, KOMS Carpet can come in a huge variety of shades, colours and textures. We can help you find the most cost-effective flooring for each unique exhibition stand. With over 20 years of experience, our head fitters can give you the right advice you need to choose the perfect flooring for you! Some carpets are designed to last longer than others - we can find one to suit your best interests and purposes. 



The perfect type of flooring for the exhibition environment. Laminate flooring can be easily installed and re-used again at future exhibitions. This reduces cost and waste of materials, making sure your stands are cost-effective but still professional-looking. 



Flexible flooring tiles can be great for a more dramatic look. We have a range of our own Vinyl Tiles which can look great on your exhibition / event stand. They can be used to illuminate an area to attract your customers to this specific place of the stand.



Vinyl can be used for many different purposes. Vinyl can be slip-resistant and water proof meaning it's great for outdoor events. It can be easily cleaned when walked over - meaning you can make the most out of the event flooring for a longer period of time. Vinyl can come in all sorts of patterns, thicknesses and textures. 


Get in contact with the KOMS Team if you need help with choosing the right flooring for your exhibition.

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